A White House official named John Kirby has assured Pakistan that President Joe Biden understands and is committed to addressing the threats faced by Pakistan. Kirby also mentioned that President Biden will discuss reshaping and scaling up multilateral development banks with G20 leaders. These institutions are important for investing in developing countries, and the US is working to make them more effective. Kirby explained that the US is concerned about Pakistan due to the ongoing threat of terrorism, particularly along the border with Afghanistan. The US intends to work with Pakistan to address these security threats. Kirby clarified that the US did not leave behind $7 billion worth of weapons and equipment in Afghanistan for militant groups to use against Pakistan. He confirmed that the equipment left behind was rendered unusable and that any equipment the Taliban acquired was actually abandoned by Afghan forces. When asked about Kashmir, Kirby stated that the US believes the tensions there are best resolved by the parties involved. However, President Biden will not hesitate to raise concerns about human rights in Kashmir during talks with Indian leaders. Kirby also mentioned that President Biden has asked for additional funds to increase World Bank financing and will urge G20 leaders to provide debt relief for low- and middle-income countries.

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