Fisheries technologist Mark Santos and his team are using sonar and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to search for “ghost gear” – fishing equipment lost at sea. The team is using ROVs to retrieve gear, which can include anything from ropes to crab or lobster traps. The Ghost Gear Fund, launched by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, is funding projects to clean up the waters. So far, Santos’ team has found over 2,000 potential targets along the shores. Retrieving ghost gear is important because it can continue to trap and kill marine animals or continue to catch fish even after being lost. For fishermen like Renny Hickey, losing gear can be an expensive loss. Hickey has volunteered his vessel to help retrieve ghost gear. Using ROVs is a more environmentally friendly method compared to using a grapnel, which disturbs the ocean floor. The team hopes to remove as much ghost gear as possible to protect marine life and reduce costs for fishermen.

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