The Senate secretariat has rejected a request from the house to discuss the recent Jaranwala incident, where churches were desecrated and homes were looted. The reason for the rejection was said to be “unmatched signatures” of some of the 27 members who signed the request. This has raised questions about the secretariat’s authority to verify signatures without consulting the members concerned. The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) expressed disappointment over the decision and criticized the secretariat for not confirming with the senators whether they had signed the request or not. The rejection of the request has sent a disturbing message to Christians and other non-Muslim minorities. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court will be considering an application seeking justice for the victims of the Jaranwala incident. The application requests the court to take action to ensure justice is served. The court is already dealing with a case related to the promotion of religious and social tolerance for minorities. In 2014, the court issued a judgment that instructed law enforcement agencies to promptly register criminal cases for desecration of minority places of worship or any violation of their rights.

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