Former Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi has been sent to Adiala jail in Islamabad following an attack on the Judicial Complex. The Anti-Terrorism Court rejected the prosecution’s request for his physical remand. This comes after Elahi’s release was suspended by the Islamabad High Court earlier in September. Elahi has been arrested multiple times, with this being his 11th arrest since June. He was previously arrested in a corruption case by the National Accountability Bureau, but was released by the Lahore High Court. However, he was rearrested by Islamabad police in Lahore. His son called the arrest an “abduction” and stated it was against the high court’s orders. Elahi was also arrested by the Anti-Corruption Establishment in Gujranwala on bribery allegations, but was discharged only to be arrested again in a similar case. He was later detained under the Maintenance of Public Order for 30 days following a request by the Lahore police.

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