Pakistan’s Health Minister, Dr Nadeem Jan, announced that Pakistan will be hosting the global health security summit, becoming the first country in the world to do so. The summit, scheduled for the end of this year, aims to demonstrate Pakistan’s leadership in the global health agenda. It will focus on pandemic preparedness, vaccine equity, and the depoliticization of pandemics. The summit may result in the signing of a global charter and the creation of a global pandemic planning response facility for low- and middle-income countries. Discussions will also cover the issue of patents and the utilization of manufacturing industries across nations.

During a meeting with the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, Nawaf Saeed Al Malkiy, the two countries discussed bilateral cooperation and mutual interests. The Minister expressed gratitude for Saudi Arabia’s support and commitment to Pakistan’s welfare. The recently established Special Investment Facilitation Council was highlighted as a positive initiative to promote investment in Pakistan. Dr Jan mentioned that Pakistan has formulated a strategy to increase the export of the pharmaceutical industry and is taking steps to enhance its capacity. Both parties agreed to promote medical tourism in this sector, recognizing its potential for investment. The Saudi ambassador praised the appointment of a global health expert as Pakistan’s Health Minister, expressing confidence in benefiting from the country’s medical sector.

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