The Himalayan Literacy Network Mobile Schools Program has won this year’s UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize. The program was created to provide education to nomadic Bakarwal children in Pakistan by creating mobile schools that can travel with them during their migrations through the mountains. The program aims to empower these children by giving them basic education.

Two other projects also received the prize. GraphoGame is an online learning game that helps address global illiteracy. It offers support in multiple languages, allowing learners with dyslexia to learn in their native tongue. The Africa e-Library project by Snapplify provides a platform for students and teachers to access educational materials, especially in areas with limited physical book access or during school closures. The e-Library includes features such as text-to-speech and dyslexia-friendly fonts to ensure inclusivity.

The awards ceremony will take place at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, and each winner will receive $20,000, along with a medal and a diploma. The UNESCO International Literacy Prize has been recognizing excellence and innovation in literacy since 1967, with over 512 projects and programs receiving the prize. The UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize, established in 1989, focuses on mother language-based literacy development and honors organizations and individuals that support effective literacy practices.

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