North Korea has launched its first-ever operational submarine capable of launching nuclear-capable ballistic missiles. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un attended the ceremony and urged for the Navy to be armed with nuclear weapons. However, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff have dismissed the claim, stating that the submarine does not seem capable of normal operation. The submarine, named Hero Kim Kun-ok, has been transferred to a submarine squadron and is currently being prepared for a test voyage. Kim revealed plans to convert all existing medium-sized submarines into attack submarines capable of launching tactical nuclear weapons. Photos released by North Korean state media show that the submarine is equipped with vertical launch tubes for submarine-launched ballistic missiles. Experts suggest that the submarine’s design may hinder its normal operation and raise questions about its ability to operate quietly underwater. Kim’s commitment to nuclear expansion raises security concerns, especially in light of a potential meeting between Kim and Russian President Vladimir Putin, where North Korea may seek to acquire nuclear-powered submarines. North Korea has also been proposed to participate in combined naval exercises with China and Russia.

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