South Korea is expected to become a leader in technology sectors such as the sixth-generation telecommunications network and artificial intelligence, according to executives from GSMA, a UK-based mobile industry nonprofit. They praised Korea’s track record as a leader in digital innovation. GSMA’s APAC head, Julian Gorman, stated that Korea has shown ambition in becoming a pioneer in technology, as evidenced by its successful implementation of 5G services. While some consumers in Korea are dissatisfied with the quality of 5G services, Gorman believes that Korea’s high standards and willingness to face “pioneer challenges” will ultimately lead to advancements in the technology. GSMA executives visited Seoul for the M360 APAC conference, where they signed a memorandum of understanding with the 6G forum to prepare for the commercialization of 6G services. Gorman expects Korea to be at the forefront of network usage and mobile operators and the government to actively participate in the development of use cases. GSMA also discussed the need for discussions on AI ethics, as well as the ongoing debate on network usage fees. The organization encourages big tech firms to invest in sharing the cost of networks and believes that Korea should engage in consultations on this issue.

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