Parvez Elahi, the President of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, has been sent to jail for 14 days by an anti-terrorism court in Islamabad. This is related to the March 18 riots outside the Federal Judicial Complex, where clashes occurred between police and PTI workers. Elahi was initially arrested on September 5 but released by the Islamabad High Court. However, he was later presented before the anti-terrorism court, where police asked for his physical remand. Elahi’s lawyers requested his discharge, but the court rejected both pleas and ordered his 14-day judicial remand.

The case against Elahi was filed on March 18 and involves charges such as rioting, unlawful assembly, obstructing public servants, assault, theft, mischief, and acts of terrorism. The clashes on that day were between Islamabad Police and PTI workers during a hearing for the Toshakhana case, when Imran Khan, the PTI chairman, appeared at the Judicial Complex. The police accused PTI workers of shelling the complex and setting fire to a police post, while the PTI alleged that the police shelled Khan’s vehicle.

Parvez Elahi has been involved in various legal proceedings this year, including corruption cases and charges of attacking police teams. He has been in and out of jail multiple times during this period. This latest decision to send him to jail is connected to the violence that took place in March. Further updates on the case are expected to follow.

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