A Korean language contest called the Hancom Genie-K Korean Speech Contest is being held to encourage foreign nationals in South Korea who are learning Korean. The contest is organized by Hancom Genie-K, a subsidiary of Hancom, a software company. The contest consists of an online preliminary round and an on-site final round. Throughout the contest, Hancom’s artificial intelligence technology will be used for evaluation. In the preliminary round, participants will be evaluated on clarity and fluency in text reading, as well as accuracy and velocity in typing. The preliminary round result will be announced on September 18. Those who qualify for the final contest will need to prepare a speech in Korean. The final round focuses on speaking proficiency in Korean, including accuracy, pronunciation, intonation, pacing, and the content of the speech. The winner will receive a cash prize of 300,000 won ($225). The final contest will take place on October 4 at the aT Center in southern Seoul. Registration for the contest is open until September 15, but individuals who have lived in South Korea for five years or more are not eligible to participate.

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