The Torkham border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been closed for a second day due to clashes between security forces from both countries. The border was shut after Pakistani and Afghan forces started firing at each other. Pakistan officials blamed the Afghan authorities for starting the firefight, as they had built a checkpoint in a prohibited area without discussing it with the Pakistani side. Both countries are trying to determine the reason for the clash. The closure of the Torkham border has led to a build-up of trucks carrying goods, causing heavy losses for traders. The flow of trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been disrupted, affecting the loading of goods in the southern port of Karachi. Disputes over the border have been ongoing for decades. It is unclear which side initiated the firing, but the incident caused panic and led to people fleeing the area. The border shooting stopped by late Wednesday afternoon, but the border remains closed. This is not the first time the Torkham border has been closed, as it has been shut multiple times in recent years. Both Pakistan and Afghanistan are facing economic difficulties, making the situation more challenging.

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