The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) in Balochistan, Pakistan, conducted an operation in which five alleged terrorists from the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) group were killed. This operation was based on information provided by a TTP terrorist named Naseebullah, who was in police custody. During the investigation, Naseebullah disclosed that his associates were planning a terrorist activity in Quetta. As a result, the CTD set up a security cordon around the TTP hideout, but the terrorists opened fire and tried to escape. The police retaliated, and four terrorists were killed, while Naseebullah was critically injured and later died in the hospital. The police recovered a significant amount of ammunition and explosives from the crime scene. The statement by the CTD highlighted that these terrorists were involved in the killings of officials in the Eagle Squad and CTD, as well as Frontier Corps personnel. The CTD considers this operation a significant success in preventing another terrorist attack in Quetta. The investigation is still ongoing. In a separate operation, the CTD also killed eight TTP and IS members in Quetta and Washuk districts.

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