Google is currently facing a major legal battle against the US Justice Department and a group of states. They are being accused of using their monopoly power to keep their search engine on top. If Google loses the case and remedies are approved, they may have to restructure their company and face large fines. This could result in fewer users, lower profits, and restrictions on innovation. To defend against these claims, Google must convince the judge that their dominance is due to the quality of their product, not abusive tactics. Leading the company’s defense is Kent Walker, Google’s general counsel who has been with the company since 2006. He has overseen successful legal battles in the past, including a case that could have held Google liable for users’ social media posts. Google argues that it faces competition from other services like Amazon and TikTok, and that their partnerships with companies like Apple and Samsung are legal. They claim that users have the option to change their default search engine. The case is seen as a battle over how much innovation is allowed under antitrust law and will have important implications for the tech sector. Both sides will argue over whether the search market would be more competitive without Google’s default-search agreements. Despite Google’s reliance on Walker to handle high-stakes litigation, he has had to explain to the company’s co-founders that the law doesn’t always work in a rational way. Google has been accused of using hardball tactics in the past, fighting aggressively in legal battles and failing to produce relevant evidence.

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