Samsung Electronics is planning to focus on producing larger and higher-end TVs, as this market segment continues to grow. Despite the overall TV market struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Samsung has observed a trend of increasing demand for bigger screens with more advanced features. The company believes that consumer desire for immersion and connectivity is driving this demand. Samsung expects the global TV market to reach $96.5 billion in 2023, although there may be a 5.8% decline compared to previous years due to COVID-19. Samsung has seen a significant increase in sales for TVs with screens larger than 70 inches, while TVs with screens smaller than 50 inches have been declining. At the IFA trade show, Samsung showcased its latest premium, large-screen TVs, including the 98-inch Neo QLED 8K TV. The company also plans to introduce a new product with a unique user experience concept in the near future. While Chinese rivals have caught up with Samsung in terms of mini LED TV offerings, Samsung believes it has a competitive edge due to its years of knowledge and the ability to create clearer and better resolution. Samsung remains a market leader in TV sales, with TCL and Hisense as its main competitors. Samsung is also investing in micro LED technology, viewing it as the next generation of displays that can overcome existing limitations. However, the company will continue offering a range of display options, including QLED, Neo QLED, and OLED, to cater to consumer preferences.

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