In Bangkok, weed dispensaries that cater to tourists have grown since the government decriminalized the drug last year. Many of these shops openly sell dried marijuana flowers imported illegally from Canada or the United States. However, competition, oversupply, and expected new regulations may cause these dispensaries to go out of business. Experts predict that the surviving dispensaries will sell high-quality, domestically grown weed. This explains why investors are putting money into high-tech indoor cannabis farms across Thailand. While there is uncertainty about the new regulations, it is expected that the rules will provide more clarity and benefit businesses with strong domestic supply chains. The Thai cannabis industry is thriving, especially because of the large number of tourists visiting the country. The industry still exists in a state of regulatory limbo because the Thai legislature has not yet passed a law to clarify the legal gray areas. However, investors from various countries are still investing in the market. Once there is regulatory clarity, prices are expected to stabilize and the Thai government is unlikely to destroy an industry with significant economic potential. In addition to dispensaries, weed is also prescribed at traditional medicine clinics and is being used in hospitality businesses. Some companies are also focusing on selling CBD products. However, there are concerns about the market becoming saturated and Thai farmers and companies being edged out by large foreign competitors. Nonetheless, small-scale Thai farmers can still succeed in producing high-quality flowers, and dispensaries can thrive through good marketing and customer service.

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