Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a major role at Gamescom, a video game fair, with developers using AI for tasks like generating storylines and coding games. AI can also create illustrations from text, helping producers convey their vision. However, there are concerns that AI could make certain jobs redundant, such as concept artists who design the visual elements of video games. Gamescom attracts thousands of gamers each year, and some games showcased at the fair prominently feature AI. For example, the Singaporean studio Play for Fun has developed a game called Club Koala, which uses AI to generate unique characters for players to interact with. Ivy Juice Games, based in Berlin, also incorporates AI in their game creation process. AI can generate lines of text and code, making games more unpredictable and realistic. However, the use of AI to create virtual worlds may raise issues of intellectual property rights. If images used in AI-generated games infringe on copyrights, publishers could face legal challenges. In the US, artists have already filed a lawsuit against AI models that used images obtained from the internet.

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