Around 1,000 Pakistani Christians gathered outside the United Nations (UN) headquarters to protest and ask for help in protecting Christians from mob attacks. The protesters came from different parts of the US east coast to show solidarity with Christians affected by recent mob attacks in Jaranwala, Pakistan. The UN designated protest area was filled to capacity with some protesters marching on nearby streets. In a resolution given to UN officials, the protesters asked the UN to pressure Pakistan to create laws to prevent future attacks on minorities. They also demanded the end of the misuse of blasphemy laws and the practice of using blasphemy allegations for personal gain. The protesters wanted the UN to guarantee religious freedom and stop forced conversions. Christian leaders who organized the rally later traveled to Washington to present their demands to Pakistan’s US envoy. The speakers at the rally shared stories of how an allegation of blasphemy led to the burning of churches and homes in Jaranwala. The protesters demanded action be taken against those responsible for the attacks, including any government officials involved. They also asked for an investigation into the role of local clerics in inciting violence and for the Punjab government to compensate those affected and renovate damaged properties.

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