The caretaker government of Pakistan has reconstituted the Cabinet Committee for Disposal of Legislative Cases (CCLC). Senator Raza Rabbani has expressed his disagreement, stating that this move violates the Constitution and the Election Act of 2017. The CCLC, led by the minister for law and justice, will now consist of ministers for information, planning, religious affairs, and IT and telecom. Previously, the committee included ministers for interior, water resources, board of investment, parliamentary affairs, and economic affairs. Additionally, the Attorney General for Pakistan and secretaries for the cabinet division and law and justice will remain as special invitees, and an additional secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office has been added. It is notable that the new committee is responsible for examining legislation and amendments to ensure they align with the Constitution and the government’s policy. Senator Rabbani criticized this, stating that the committee’s role overlaps with that of the judiciary and questions the intentions of the caretaker government. The powers and functions of a caretaker government are limited to day-to-day administrative matters, assisting the Election Commission of Pakistan, remaining impartial, and restricting activities that can be reversed by the elected government. However, the Election Act of 2017 was amended before the caretaker government’s departure, including changes to Section 230. These amendments allowed the interim government to take actions necessary for the protection of Pakistan’s economic interests.

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