An anti-terrorism court in Lahore has given permission for the police to question imprisoned PTI Chairman Imran Khan in six additional cases relating to the May 9 riots. The decision was made after new sections of the Pakistan Penal Code were added to the FIRs (First Information Reports), including charges of abetting mutiny and waging war against Pakistan. The investigating officers filed separate applications in each case, stating that they needed to interrogate Imran Khan following the addition of these charges. Other offenses were also added to the cases, including rioting and attacks on various locations. The court upheld objections on dismissed bail pleas and PTI Chief Imran Khan’s lawyer challenged the obstacles to meeting his client. The judge allowed a joint investigation team to interrogate and arrest Imran Khan in a case concerning the attack on the corps commander’s house. The Lahore High Court division bench upheld office objections on Imran Khan’s petitions challenging the dismissal of his pre-arrest bail pleas. A lawyer for Imran Khan filed a petition against Attock jail officials for not allowing him to meet his client. The lawyer requested permission to meet Imran Khan to seek instructions regarding multiple pending cases.

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