The caretaker Chief Minister of Karachi, Maqbool Baqar, stated that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) holds the responsibility of finalizing the date for the general elections in the country. He emphasized that the caretaker government’s role is to facilitate the ECP but will not be involved in any unconstitutional or illegal arrangement. When asked about the potential delay in the general elections due to fresh delimitation by the ECP, Baqar stated that it is important to follow the Constitution and the law for the benefit of the country, but it is too early to make assumptions. He reiterated that the caretaker government is obligated to support the ECP in holding elections according to the law. Baqar also mentioned that a small cabinet is being formed and reputable individuals will be selected for caretaker ministers. He emphasized the importance of accountability, stating that it should be carried out within the parameters of the Constitution by authorized institutions. Baqar condemned the Ranipur incident and the Jaranwala incident, calling them painful and shameful, and emphasized the need for proper investigation and prosecution. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve the people of the province and contribute to the vision of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

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