South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol has left for a trilateral summit with US and Japanese leaders. The summit aims to strengthen cooperation on security and economy to address the growing aggression from North Korea and prepare for economic uncertainty. The leaders will adopt the “Camp David Principles” and the “Spirit of Camp David” to formalize their partnership. The documents will outline the main principles for collaboration between the three nations. Agreements on holding annual presidential meetings and trilateral military exercises are expected to be included in the documents. Data sharing on North Korean threats and setting up a hotline among the leaders will also be discussed. The leaders will hold a joint press conference after the summit. The summit is expected to institutionalize Korea-US-Japan cooperation and address global issues like economic norms, advanced technology, climate change, and nuclear proliferation. The statements are also expected to address regional threats, joint drills, and economic cooperation. The extent to which the statements will mention China is important, as the US aims to keep China in check. The possibility of North Korea carrying out an armed provocation during the summit and the Ulchi Freedom Shield exercise is being monitored, and South Korea and the US are prepared for a response.

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