The Ministry of Education in South Korea has announced a plan to attract 300,000 international students over the next five years. This plan is aimed at addressing the country’s declining school-age population and improving the competitiveness of local universities.

To attract more foreign students, the Ministry of Education will revise the International Education Quality Assurance System. They will remove the requirement for foreign first-year students to have a certain level of proficiency in the Korean language and instead focus on strengthening Korean language and culture education. The ministry will also make the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) available online.

In addition, the ministry will bring in foreign students specializing in science, technology, and engineering to support the country’s high-tech industries. They will provide financial aid through the Global Korea Scholarship program for international students studying science and engineering.

To attract talent from other countries, the ministry plans to establish a fast-track visa system for foreign science and technology students and provide more opportunities for post-graduation work experience.

The ministry will also work to improve the quality of the international student experience on campus and collaborate with regional administrations to attract international talent to universities in rural areas. They will also offer more courses taught in English and provide support for non-science students to learn about Korean culture and explore career paths.

Overall, the plan aims to make South Korea a more attractive destination for international students and encourage them to stay and contribute to the country’s workforce.

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