The US, South Korea, and Japan are planning to work together on defense and technology initiatives at a summit in Maryland. The goal is to address regional responsibilities in light of North Korea’s aggression and China’s influence. The summit will result in the establishment of a three-way hotline and a mutual understanding among the three countries. However, a full-fledged security framework is not expected at this time. The US is seeking a joint statement from South Korea and Japan that they will consult with each other in the event of an attack, but South Korea’s national security adviser has dismissed this possibility. The coalition will also take steps to curb North Korea’s missile advances through joint military exercises. In an interview, South Korea’s President emphasized that the world will not accept North Korea as a nuclear weapons power and expressed openness to separate consultations on extended deterrence with the US and Japan. The summit may also discuss peace and stability in Taiwan, a democratic island that the US supports but China claims as its own. China has expressed opposition to countries forming alliances against it.

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