Research projects play a significant role in helping students gain admission to top colleges and universities. Between a third and a half of admitted students at prestigious institutions like the University of Pennsylvania, California Institute of Technology, and MIT have showcased their research projects in their applications. Research projects allow applicants to demonstrate qualities like perseverance, creativity, and originality, which are not easily captured by standardized tests. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action, research will become even more important in determining college admissions. However, equitable access to quality research opportunities is crucial to ensure that under-resourced communities can benefit from these experiences. Scaling up research programs in high schools is challenging due to resource constraints and the need for individual attention from experts. While some competitive and prestigious university-sponsored research programs are available to select students, most charge high tuition fees. Private educational organizations have also started offering online research programs, but financial aid remains limited. To level the playing field, it is necessary to repurpose federal funds to create more research opportunities for high school students. The National Science Foundation’s recent announcement to support high school researchers is a positive step in this direction. Research skills and experience will continue to be valuable in academia, and it is essential to provide opportunities for students of all backgrounds to showcase their intellectual potential.

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