Donald Trump has been indicted for the fourth time over his attempts to remain in power after losing the 2020 election. The latest indictment accuses him and some former advisers of organizing a “criminal enterprise” to overturn the election results in Georgia. The indictment lists eight ways in which Trump and 18 other defendants allegedly obstructed the election, including lying to officials, creating a fake pro-Trump Electoral College slate, and engaging in a cover-up. The indictment also incorporates Trump’s attempts to overturn the election in other states. Trump faces 13 charges, including violating the RICO law and filing false documents. The indictment is significant because it is at the state level, making it more difficult for Trump to avoid charges if he were to become president again. It also reinforces the importance of holding lawbreakers accountable to maintain American democracy. Trump and the other defendants have until August 25 to surrender, and a trial will be scheduled afterwards.

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