Torrential rain in the Himalayas in India has caused landslides that have resulted in the deaths of at least 18 people, with many others missing or trapped. These intense rains, along with melting glaciers, have brought about dangerous flash floods in the mountains of India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Government officials are increasingly attributing these events to climate change. Television footage from Himachal Pradesh, an Indian state, showed houses destroyed by landslides, vehicles perched at the edge of cliffs after roads collapsed, and numerous people at rescue sites. The chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, Sukhvinder Singh, expressed his grief and concern over the continuous rainfall and its devastating effects. More casualties were reported as the chief minister surveyed the damage. In one particularly tragic incident, a temple collapsed in the state capital, Shimla, resulting in the recovery of at least nine bodies. State officials have ordered the closure of schools and other educational institutions, and those in danger are being relocated to shelters. The India Meteorological Department reported that parts of the state received as much as 273mm of rain in just 24 hours. State disaster management official Praveen Bhardwaj noted that this is the first time the state has experienced multiple cloudburst incidents and widespread damage. These incidents have caused the collapse of houses in the Solan district, leading to the deaths of at least seven people, and a mother and her child were killed when their house collapsed in the Mandi district.

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