Two professors from Ghazi University have been arrested in connection with a student rape case. The girl’s father has also reported that the suspects threatened him to withdraw the case. As a result, another case has been registered against the suspects for issuing death threats. The university is facing criticism for its handling of sexual harassment complaints. A complaint was filed by students from the Physics department, alleging harassment by the same professors. An inquiry committee was formed, but one member claimed that the head of the committee prepared a biased report without conducting a proper investigation. The female student later filed a written complaint of rape. The university authorities formed another committee, which recommended the dismissal of the professors and a forensic audit of the evidence. However, instead of taking action against the suspects, the university authorities accused the whistleblowing professors of defaming the university. The report of the committee is awaiting a decision from the syndicate committee, which has not been functional for a year. Nineteen professors resigned in protest against the victimization of the whistleblowers. The Vice Chancellor claimed to have suspended the professors involved in the case but stated that the syndicate committee needs to make a decision. One of the suspended professors has filed a writ petition to challenge the suspension.

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