A man named Robie Holland is questioning why his father was allowed to drive on a flooded road during heavy rain in Nova Scotia. His father, Nicholas Holland, was one of four people who died in the flooding. Robie and his sister, Sophie, are calling for an independent investigation into the response to the disaster. They want to know why there was a delay in issuing an alert to stay off the road, and why there weren’t any blockades in place to prevent people from driving through flooded areas. Robie praised his father for helping everyone in the car escape before it sank. The bodies of Nicholas and another passenger, Terri-Lynn Keddy, have been recovered. The siblings are grateful for the searchers who looked for the bodies but remain troubled by the slow response in rural areas. They believe more needs to be done by governments to prepare for climate change-related challenges. Experts have called for an independent review of Nova Scotia’s storm response, citing shortcomings in flooding preparedness. The provincial government said they are still working to restore damaged roads and bridges. The siblings are urging for improvements to be made quickly, as they do not believe the province was adequately prepared for this type of event.

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