Hollywood stunt performers are concerned that artificial intelligence (AI) is threatening their jobs. The use of computer-generated background figures in movies has already reduced the need for actors in battle scenes. Now, advancements in AI mean that studios can explore cheaper and more powerful techniques to create complex action sequences like car chases and shootouts without using human performers. Stunt work, which has been a staple in Hollywood movies for years, is at risk of shrinking rapidly. Studios are already using high-tech 3D body scans on stunt performers and background actors without clarifying how the images will be used. With AI technology, these scans could be used to create detailed digital replicas of performers that can perform any action or speak any dialogue the creators want. Stunt coordinator Freddy Bouciegues warns that producers could replace stunt performers with virtual avatars created through AI. Additionally, director Neill Blomkamp predicts that in as little as six to 12 months, AI could generate realistic footage of high-speed crashes without the need for CGI or live stunts. However, Bouciegues and Blomkamp acknowledge that AI-generated effects cannot fully replace the human element in action films. They argue that the audience can still tell when computer-generated effects have been used. While the use of AI will likely change the industry, it is unlikely to completely eliminate the need for stunt performers.

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