Pakistan and Afghanistan are being encouraged to start new negotiations to resolve the issue of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and cross-border terrorism. A consultation was held with academics, politicians, journalists, religious scholars, and Afghan experts to discuss Pakistan’s interests and policy options regarding Afghan peace and reconciliation. The main topics of discussion included rising terrorism threats and the TTP’s impact on Pakistan-Afghanistan relations. The participants emphasized the importance of negotiations and recommended that Pakistan avoid using a tough tone when talking to the interim Taliban government. They also suggested that religious scholars and Pashtun leaders meet with the Afghan Taliban to discuss various issues, including the TTP militants. Concerns were raised about the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan, with activists highlighting the lack of education and employment opportunities under the Taliban regime. Participants stressed the need to understand the ideological basis of the Afghan Taliban and the TTP and called for a realistic and holistic policy towards Afghanistan. It was suggested that Pakistan should review its existing policy towards Afghanistan, as it is seen as flawed and the root cause of problems. The event aimed to explore ways to counter the TTP threat and examine Pakistan’s current approach towards Afghanistan.

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