The status of women in Israeli society is at the center of a culture war between the secular majority and the politically powerful ultra-Orthodox minority. While Israeli law prohibits segregated seating on public transportation, incidents of gender segregation are increasingly occurring as a result of pressure from religious and far-right parties in the government. This includes incidents like women being blocked from boarding trains and bus drivers refusing to pick up young women who are not dressed modestly. There are also concerns about proposed laws that would expand the powers of rabbinical courts, which are currently limited to matters of divorce but could potentially include economic and civil matters. These developments are a cause for concern among women’s rights advocates, who fear that women’s rights are being undermined in Israel. The country’s ranking in terms of gender equality has dropped, and there are fewer women in government. The weakening of the Supreme Court also poses a threat to women’s rights, as it has played a key role in supporting equal rights for women in various areas.

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