Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has commented on the contents of a diplomatic cipher that was allegedly published by a US-based news organisation. The cipher, sent by Pakistan’s former ambassador to the US, reportedly contained details of a meeting between US State Department officials and the Pakistani envoy. The US objected to Imran Khan’s foreign policy regarding the Ukraine war according to the cipher. The US State Department did not comment on the authenticity of the cable, but stated that its contents did not indicate a position on Pakistan’s leadership. It is believed that the leak source may be Imran Khan’s party, PTI. PM Shehbaz stated that in meetings on the cipher, it was confirmed by officials, including Asad Majeed and army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, that there was no conspiracy against Pakistan. He dismissed Imran Khan’s claims of a conspiracy as lies. PM Shehbaz also discussed Pakistan’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, claiming that the previous government made efforts to isolate the country. The controversy surrounding Imran Khan’s removal from power last year was due to his claims of a foreign conspiracy, based on the cipher received from the Pakistani Ambassador to the US. The US was reportedly unhappy with Imran’s independent foreign policy and his visit to Moscow.

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