The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is expected to decide on when to redivide the constituencies after the final results of the digital census are approved. The commission will try to see if they can hold elections within 90 days after the National Assembly dissolves on August 9. A meeting was held with the Chief Election Commissioner and other ECP members to discuss the next steps based on the census results. The commission directed its legal team to provide guidance on how to proceed in accordance with the law. They also set a deadline of ten days for the scrutiny committee to submit reports on the foreign funding of the PML-N and PPP parties. The commission requested early hearings and decisions on private complaints from different courts. Lawmakers have been expressing concerns about the possibility of delaying general elections due to the need for fresh delimitations. The federal government has now transferred the responsibility of conducting polls to the ECP within the next three months. The ECP previously stated that conducting polls on fresh delimitation would take four to six months. With the approval of the census results, it is highly likely that general elections will not be held this year.

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