In the past month, the Parliament has been working hard to pass as many laws as possible before it is dissolved. There have been 98 bills introduced and approved since July 1. Some of the bills that have been passed include giving the Prime Minister control over the Higher Education Commission to improve the higher education sector, granting sweeping authority to intelligence agencies and the FIA to conduct raids and detain citizens suspected of breaking the law, establishing the National Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Authority to combat money laundering and terrorism financing, establishing the National Logistics Corporation to improve logistics services and support the armed forces, and establishing the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to regulate aviation activities and improve airport operations. Other laws include the establishment of the Pakistan Sovereign Wealth Fund to manage government assets and finances, and amendments to enhance the regulation and control of civil aviation and the National Commission for Human Development. These laws aim to strengthen various sectors in the country and improve transparency and accountability in governance.

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