Three soldiers were killed in a clash with fighters in India-held Kashmir. The soldiers were patrolling the forests when the clash occurred. The soldiers were injured and later died from their injuries. The Kashmiri fighters are still being searched for. Clashes between Kashmiris and government forces have decreased since 2019 when the region’s limited autonomy was ended. However, nearly 900 people, including 144 members of Indian security forces, have died in the past four years. So far this year, 63 people, including civilians, government personnel, and Kashmiri fighters, have been killed. Despite efforts for peace and development, young men continue to join Kashmiri groups fighting for independence or merger with Pakistan. India’s top court is currently deciding if the government acted lawfully in suspending occupied Kashmir’s autonomy. Civil liberties have been restricted, with protests limited and journalists harassed. Leaders of the local PDP party were detained after permission for a protest was denied. Police and paramilitary troops were deployed to maintain order during the anniversary. Shopkeepers in Srinagar were instructed to keep their shops open during the day.

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