Rex Heuermann, an architectural consultant, has been accused of murdering three women and burying them on a Long Island beach over a decade ago. Heuermann may be one of the last American serial killers as their numbers have significantly decreased. Advances in technology and surveillance tools make it harder for killers to hide and evade capture. Additionally, changes in society, such as decreased hitchhiking and increased caution, have reduced the number of easy targets for serial killers. Some experts believe that individuals inclined towards killing may now choose spectacular mass murders instead. Technology has made it more challenging to commit the “perfect crime” due to the immense amount of data individuals create daily and the prevalence of surveillance cameras. The federal government has also provided smaller police departments with technology to aid investigations. In recent years, the number of known serial killers and victims has drastically declined. It is uncertain whether they have adopted new techniques or decided to stop altogether. The distinction between serial killers, spree killers, and mass shooters is becoming more refined based on factors such as the number of victims and the time between murders. Mass shootings have increased, often committed by teenagers, whereas serial killings have decreased. Both types of criminals display antisocial personality disorder and lack guilt. The practices of mass killers, livestreaming and leaving manifestoes, reflect the social media era, while serial killers operated discreetly before technological advancements. Heuermann is suspected in additional cases, and investigations are ongoing nationwide to establish any connections. Despite the decline in serial killings, there is a growing interest in documentaries, podcasts, and shows about their lives and crimes.

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