“Mundus” is a novel written by Kim Jong-young and published by Galmuri Publisher. It is inspired by the scandal involving Hwang Woo-suk in 2005, where he falsely claimed to have successfully cloned human embryos. The story follows a journalist who investigates stem cell manipulation and accuses Dr. Kwon Min-joong of research fraud. The novel takes place in various locations, including Seoul, Jerusalem, the Rocky Mountains, and Auschwitz, examining the desires and contradictions of human beings. The title “Mundus” means world or universe in Latin, symbolizing the greatest technology or the most important thing in this world. The novel combines genres such as thriller, science fiction, and social criticism, drawing inspiration from real-life incidents. It explores issues like the abuse of power by international authorities, problems in science and technology, and the exploitation of women’s bodies. Written by Hwang Dong-hee.

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