Farmers in the Machai Branch Canal area of the Upper Swat Canal (USC) System are experiencing problems with silt and sand accumulating in their fields. This is a result of last year’s devastating floods in the Swat River. The accumulation of silt and sand is not only reducing the amount of water they can withdraw from the canal, but also affecting the quality of the soil and water supply to their fields.

To address this issue, the farmers are calling on the Irrigation Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to investigate the problem and take immediate action to rectify the defects and operational issues of the canal system. They are concerned about the financial losses they are facing as a result of these problems.

The Upper Swat Canal is an important source of irrigation water for several districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It was commissioned in 1914 and was designed to irrigate a large area of land. However, the canal has faced challenges with its discharge capacity, and its design area has been reduced as a result.

In 1998, the canal system was remodeled and its capacity was increased to meet the demand for water. However, the current accumulation of silt and sand is causing further issues.

The farmers are urging the Irrigation Department to investigate the problem and take necessary measures to resolve it, in order to prevent further financial losses for the farmers in the affected areas. The Swat River is an important source of irrigation water, and it is crucial to ensure its proper functioning for the benefit of the farmers and the region.

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