A judge in the Supreme Court of Pakistan has expressed concern that he may not receive fair treatment or face discrimination in a case against him. He wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan, who heads the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC), a body that investigates complaints against judges. The judge is worried that the delay in deciding on the complaints is intentional and may affect his chances of receiving justice. The complaints against him accuse him of violating the Code of Conduct for judges and committing misconduct. The judge claims that the financial transactions and property purchases being alleged against him can be accounted for at any time. When a complaint is received, it is referred to a member of the SJC to determine if it is a valid case. The judge in question has not yet formed an opinion on the complaints, despite several months passing. He claims that he is being discriminated against and targeted. The complaints accuse him of managing his income through property sales and revising his tax returns multiple times to justify his income. The judge is concerned about the fairness of the process and hopes for a timely resolution.

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