A three-year-old boy named Kash Bakker died in a tragic accident at Okanagan Lake campground. Ruveen Strogryn, who was camping with the Bakker family, described Kash as a sweet and playful boy. The accident occurred when an old log rolled over Kash, not a falling tree as previously reported. Strogryn, a nurse, arrived at the scene to find people already performing CPR on Kash. She took over until the ambulance arrived, but unfortunately, Kash passed away shortly after being transported to the hospital.

Strogryn’s focus now is on supporting the Bakker family through their unimaginable loss. She emphasized that no amount of fundraising or efforts can ease their pain. A fundraiser has been launched to alleviate some of the family’s financial strain during this difficult time.

BC Parks officials are currently investigating the circumstances of the accident. They conduct assessments on dangerous trees before park openings to ensure the safety of visitors.

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