The Supreme Court has rejected a plea to form a full court to hear petitions challenging military trials of civilians. The decision was announced by a six-member bench. The previous day, the bench had tried to hear different petitioners’ counsel on a request for a full court. Most petitioners opposed the idea, but one sought time to consult his client. The request for a full court was criticized as an attempt to deprive the court of a historic moment. It was suggested that the accused be transferred to judicial custody to prevent harm. The Chief Justice stated that a decision on a full court would be announced soon. During the hearing, the Chief Justice asked a lawyer not to file petitions like the one for a full court. He explained that a full court was not available until September and that larger benches could not conduct the proceedings. The Chief Justice also stated that the court will continue its work despite criticism. The Attorney General assured the court that the suspects in military custody were being treated properly and that their rights and dignity were guaranteed.

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