The Supreme Court has rejected a request to form a full court to hear petitions challenging the military trials of civilians. The decision was announced by a six-member bench of judges. The day before, the bench had considered the request and the counsel representing different petitioners. Most of the counsels opposed the idea, but one sought time to get instructions from their client. Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan suggested transferring the accused persons to judicial custody to prevent physical harm. The Chief Justice stated that the decision regarding a full court would be announced soon. During the hearing, Justice Bandial said that a full court was not available until September and that larger benches formed previously were unable to conduct complete proceedings. The court is not concerned about criticism and will continue their work, regardless of people’s opinions. The Attorney General assured the court that suspects in military custody are allowed to meet their families and are not being ill-treated. Further details are yet to come.

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