Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif of Pakistan has expressed willingness to engage in talks with their neighboring country on important issues. He emphasized that wars are no longer an option. He referred to India while speaking at a summit on mineral development in Islamabad. Sharif highlighted that Pakistan is a nuclear power for defense purposes, not as an aggressor. He cautioned against the consequences of a nuclear conflict and stressed that war is not a viable solution. Sharif pointed out that Pakistan has fought three wars in the past, resulting in increased poverty and a scarcity of resources. He questioned if this is the right approach and suggested that economic competition would be a better alternative. However, he stated that normal relations cannot be achieved with the neighbor unless outstanding issues are resolved through peaceful discussions. Sharif also expressed a desire for friendly relations with the United States and emphasized the importance of mutual respect and trust. He reiterated Pakistan’s aim to have good relations with all nations.

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