With heavy rains causing flooding in parts of Balochistan, a state of emergency has been declared in around a dozen districts. More rains are expected in the upper and central parts of the country in the next three days, according to the meteorological department. One person has already died in the floods, and several villages have been submerged, leaving hundreds homeless. The road link between Balochistan and Sindh remains disrupted due to the collapse of a causeway near Pinjra bridge. The situation is particularly dire in Panjgur and Kharan, where towns and villages have been flooded. All dams in the region are at their maximum capacity, and excess water is being released through spillways. The rising water levels in the major rivers of Punjab are also causing concerns. The Indus, Chenab, Ravi, and Sutlej rivers are experiencing low to medium-level flooding, resulting in damage to homes and crops. The residents of affected areas are being forced to move to safer places. The Provincial Disaster Management Authority has warned of the potential release of more water from Indian dams, which could worsen the flooding in Pakistan.

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