Pakistan has called on the UN Security Council to enforce its resolutions on the conflict in the Middle East. The resolutions give Palestinians the right to self-determination. Pakistan’s Ambassador Munir Akram strongly criticized recent Israeli military operations in Jenin, in the West Bank, and called for Israel to be held accountable for its human rights violations and crimes in Occupied Palestine.

Akram expressed disappointment that the Security Council has not fulfilled its responsibility for maintaining peace and security in Occupied Palestine. He also called on all states to ensure that the Palestinian people can exercise their right to self-determination without any obstacles.

The ambassador highlighted that three special rapporteurs from the UN Human Rights Council had stated that Israeli attacks on the Jenin refugee camp could be considered war crimes and were unjustifiable under international law. These rapporteurs also called for Israel to be held accountable.

Akram emphasized that Israeli settlements and the expulsion of Palestinians from their properties are illegal violations of Security Council resolutions and international law. He stated that the international community cannot accept Israel’s attempts to impose its forcible occupation and destroy Palestinian nationhood.

The Pakistani envoy stressed that lasting peace in the Holy Land can only be achieved through the creation of an independent and viable State of Palestine, based on pre-1967 borders, with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.

The debate also focused on the recent violence in the occupied West Bank, with 25 Palestinians killed and 249 injured by Israeli forces. Israel reported two security personnel killed and 39 injured by Palestinians. The absence of a peace process, ongoing settlement expansion, and economic challenges facing Palestinians were also highlighted.

The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees is facing a funding gap, and it is urged for the international community to contribute the necessary funds to maintain its services. Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour called for addressing the settler-colonial nature of the Israeli occupation and emphasized the need for justice through investigations by the International Criminal Court and guidance from the International Court of Justice.

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