The Senate has passed a bill to amend the Pakistan Army Act 1952. The bill proposes changes to the law regarding the disclosure of sensitive information related to the security and interests of Pakistan or the Pakistan Army. Under the proposed amendments, anyone who discloses such information without authorization could face up to five years in jail. However, disclosure with prior approval from the chief of army staff or an authorized officer will not be considered unauthorized. The bill also includes provisions prohibiting individuals subject to the Army Act from engaging in political activities for two years after their retirement or dismissal. Those who have been assigned sensitive duties are prohibited from political activities for five years after leaving the service. Violators of these provisions could face up to two years in prison. Additionally, the bill introduces sections relating to conflict of interest, electronic crimes, and defamation. Personnel who have been subject to the Army Act in the past five years are not allowed to engage in employment or engagement with entities having a conflict of interest. Committing an offense under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act with malafide intentions towards the armed forces of Pakistan would be punished according to the Peca law. Lastly, intentional ridicule or scandalization of the armed forces could result in imprisonment or a fine.

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