The Pakistan Embassy hosted a mango festival to bring together US officials, lawmakers, journalists, and think-tank experts. The event aimed to strengthen the diplomatic ties between Pakistan and the United States. Chairman House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul, praised the security arrangements between the two countries and highlighted the importance of trade and economic investments to promote peace. The festival also attracted attendees from various backgrounds, including Afghan journalist Nazira Karimi and retired US diplomat Robin Raphel. PML-N Senator Irfan Siddiqui and ANP Senator Hidayatullah also attended, expressing concern about the current political crisis but opposing the ban on politicians or parties. Several guests, including US Small Business Administration Deputy Administrator Dilawar Syed, Connecticut State Representative Maryam Khan, and MNA Shakeela Khalid Luqman, enjoyed the different mango-based dishes and praised the taste of Pakistani mangoes. The event also showcased various products made with Pakistani mangoes, such as achar and chutney. Senator Siddiqui praised the “mango diplomacy” initiative and Ambassador Masood Khan highlighted that Pakistan had many different varieties of mangoes, each with its own taste. The event provided an opportunity for dialogue and cultural exchange between Pakistan and the United States.

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