Pakistan has expressed its willingness to help mediate a dialogue between Russia and Ukraine to end their conflict. The country’s Foreign Office Spokesperson, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, emphasized the importance of dialogue and stated that Pakistan has close relationships with both countries. Baloch also addressed concerns about Pakistan’s foreign policy decision making, saying that civilians still play a role and that the recent visit to Iran by Chief of the Army Staff General Asim Munir was part of ongoing defense cooperation talks. Pakistan will continue to raise concerns with Afghan authorities and hopes that Afghanistan will fulfill its commitments to prevent terrorism. Baloch dismissed recent remarks by an Indian minister suggesting that Azad Kashmir is part of India, stating that it has never been and never will be. She also called for the release of political prisoners in Indian-administered Kashmir. In addition, Baloch provided an update on the Greek boat tragedy, stating that the remains of four Pakistani victims have been returned to their families, and efforts are underway to transport the remaining bodies and identify all the victims.

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