According to the Health Minister, it has been revealed that Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims), one of the country’s leading hospitals, did not purchase any new ventilators in the last five years. This is concerning considering the outbreak of Covid-19 during that time. Out of the 76 ventilators at Pims, only 66 were functional, with 10 non-functional ventilators. Seven of these non-functional ventilators needed replacement parts, and three were old models for which parts were not available. The Federal Government Polyclinic had 56 functional ventilators out of a total of 68. The Total number of functional ventilators in Islamabad hospitals was only 124.

The Health Minister also mentioned that 20 ventilators were purchased for the Federal Government Polyclinic hospital under a project called ‘Strengthening of Intensive Care Unit (ICU)’, and an additional 24 ventilators were received during the Covid-19 pandemic from the NDMA and the UNHCR.

The article also mentions that the Polyclinic extension project was approved but faced delays due to differences in drawings and field demarcation. However, work has now begun on the project and is expected to be completed within three years.

It is concerning that leading hospitals in Islamabad have a limited number of functional ventilators, considering the population they serve, which includes not only locals but also patients from other cities.

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