Muslim-majority countries are expressing outrage at the desecration of the Quran in Sweden. A self-described atheist of Christian origin living in Stockholm kicked and stood on a Quran outside the Iraqi Embassy. This has led to street demonstrations and protests in countries such as Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon. Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani has ordered the expulsion of the Swedish ambassador from Iraq and the withdrawal of the Iraqi charge d’affaires from Sweden. However, this may not be enough to calm those who are angered, and another protest is planned in Baghdad. The right to hold public demonstrations is protected by the Swedish constitution, and blasphemy laws were abandoned in the 1970s. Muslims view the desecration of the Quran as an insult to their religion’s holy text. The man behind the desecration also showed disrespect towards Iran’s Supreme Leader and a prominent Iraqi Shiite cleric. Muslim-majority countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Pakistan have strongly condemned the event, and calls have been made to cut diplomatic ties with Sweden. Quran desecrations have sparked protests and violence in the past, and the recent incident has reignited tensions.

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